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Terms and Conditions

"Seller" means King Products & Services, Inc.
Seller accepts your order based on the terms and conditions as stated below. Such terms and conditions shall be deemed a part of the contract between Seller and Buyer except for particular terms and conditions set forth below as to which notice of specific objects thereto is received by Seller from Buyer within ten days. Any typographical errors in this document are subject to correction.

Payment. Seller offers COD and open account terms.  Open account terms are based on credit approval.  All invoices are net 15 days from the date of invoice and are subject to a 1.5 % finance charge if paid after 20 days from date of invoice. Unless otherwise agreed in writing or stipulated on the face hereof, payment of the purchase price shall be made at par in legal tender of the United States of America and in accordance with the terms stipulated herein.

Taxes and Freight Rates. All present and future taxes imposed by any federal, state, foreign or local authority which Seller maybe required to pay or collect with reference to the sale or shipment of the goods specified herein are for the account of Buyer. Any taxes, state or federal, levied or assessed on account of freight charges or any increase in freight rates made and effective subsequent to the receipt of order but prior to shipment shall be subject to adjustment for the account of the Buyer in accordance with Seller's estimated weights.

Freight and Handling Costs. Purchases are sent FOB Seller' plant. Prices stated reflect applicable discounts and also include estimated freight to destination at the rate specified unless otherwise noted in the shipping terms on the face hereof. When prices include freight, Buyer shall pay all transportation and delivery costs not prepaid by Seller, and Seller will credit against invoice price, upon receipt of paid freight bill, actual freight paid by Buyer but not in excess of freight charges shown on the face hereof. If the delivering carrier charges an amount of freight larger than that for which Buyer received credit as aforesaid, it shall be Buyer's obligation to file a claim for overcharge with the appropriate carrier. Unless stated otherwise, local handling costs at destination and extra delivery cost incurred for the convenience of, or at the request of Buyer, shall be for Buyers' account.

Claims. The product is considered accepted once it has been cut, nailed, finished, or in any manner altered from its original state.  All products are delivered at 7-9% moisture content.  Any cupping, splitting, or separation of parts due to alterations of the ambient environment is not considered manufactures defects.  Claims for shortages, defects, non-conforming goods or errors in shipment must be made in writing within 5 days of receipt of shipments. Buyer shall within 15 days following the date of completion of delivery, furnish to Seller in support of said claim, a detailed proof of claim in writing, including all material facts upon which claim is made.

Returns. Returns must be pre-approved, and will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. 

Revisions. Any changes or revisions that need to be made to an order must be submitted in writing within 12 hours of receipt of order confirmation. 

Cancellation. Cancellations must be approved and may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.   Seller will not consider returns or cancellations for any non-stock items, rush orders, customer supplied material, "double returned" stair treads, or bull nose assemblies. The Seller may cancel on account of any arbitrary deductions made by the Buyer with respect to or failure to comply with, contract terms in respect to any shipment, including a prior shipment, on account of any transfer of or change in the Buyer's business. Buyer's insolvency, sit by other creditors, failure of Buyer to meet financial obligations to Seller, impairment of Buyer's credit information, or for unfavorable credit reports made to Seller through usual channels of credit information unless, in such instance, the buyer shall promptly furnish to Seller's satisfaction guaranty of full payment for any shipment made or to be made. Seller shall retain the right to re-negotiate price or cancel in the event of plant closure due to fire, strike, plant insolvency, or other cases beyond Seller's control.