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Retro-Fit Treads

RetroFit Tread Installation

Tools needed:

Skill saw



Finish nails

Construction adhesive (recommended, not required)


Time required:

 10 - 15 minutes per tread


1. Remove any existing carpet, vinyl or other   covering, exposing the raw unfinished backer tread.

2. With a skill saw or jigsaw, cut the bull nose of the tread back flush with the existing riser or slightly behind the riser (roughly 1 ½” from the front of the nose). Using a chisel, clean off the edges next to the skirt board.

3. Cut to length and finish nail the ¼” RetroFit riser. Construction adhesive is recommended. Pre-drilling nail holes is also recommended to keep the riser from splitting.

4. Cut to length and finish nail the RetroFit tread. Again, we recommend using construction     adhesive between the existing tread and the  RetroFit tread.

5. Cut to length and finish nail the ¾” x ½” RetroFit cove molding to conceal the small gap between the RetroFit bull nose and RetroFit   ¼” riser.


King Products RetroFit is a solid edge-glued wood tread. This is not a veneered or engineered product The bullnose has a solid 1 ¾” to 2” wide stave to  give the tread the appearance of conventional tread construction rather than an added piece. Standard tread depth is 11 ½” deep with a 1” x 1 ¼” bullnose to allow the tread to fit on most all 10” run stair cases with no alterations having to be made to the tread depth. Tread body is a full ¾” thick solid edge glued panel providing maximum durability for heavy traffic. Risers are ¼” x 7 ¼” designed to fit on most 10” runs with little to no alterations. Risers are either a solid one piece or edge glued product of solid wood construction. Standard ¾” x ½” cove is utilized to trim out the finished stair case and hide any unsightly gaps between the tread and riser. 

 Retro Tread
  Retro Riser